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Third Street South. The original Commisary in Old Naples. Currently Campiello's Restaurant

The "Commissary" as it was originally was know was the first grocery store on Third Street and opened in 1919. Lige and Robert Bowling purchased the store in 1926 and renamed it 'The Bowling Brothers Store". It was then purchased by Al Sturges and George DeBussman who renamed it "The Seminole Market" where it remained the only grocery store until its closing in 1958.

At one point, Western Union offices were housed on the second floor for many years.

It was Naples' first gourmet food market with spices and herbs from all over the world and the meat was hand cut to order.

Julius Fleischmann purchased the old market turning it into 'The Antique Addict'. He filled it with treasures he gathered from all over the world while travelling on his yacht named the Camargo.

The building has been renovated and restored but remains much to its original design of 1919.

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